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You Aint Right

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  1. You ain't got the right to tell me I'm not lonely 'Cause you don't understand what I've been through She had every right to do the wrong that she done to me And that don't make it easier to lose And that don't make it easier to lose. I woke up Wednesday mornin' with the feelin' she was gone I turned to face an empty place and I realised.
  2. r/AutoBestOf: Like r/bestof but automated. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.
  3. You Ain't Right Lyrics: You're no good / You're no good, baby / Baby, you're no good / You're no good / You're no good, baby / Baby, you're no good / I was raised in a rough neighborhood / Up to.
  4. You ain't right, no, no I thought you loved me You ain't right, no, no We're suppose to be a team At least you could do things like cook and clean But I ask you what's up, you start looking mean Smackin' your lips like you're still a teenager And I'm sick of this, but I end up in this perdicament.
  5. Common line uttered by King of the Hill character Hank Hill when his son Bobby acts in a way that irritates and/or confuses him.
  6. If you ain't white you ain't right is sure to cause controversy wherever you wear this shirt. Style -- Please Select -- Men's Regular Men's Ringer +$ Men's Longsleeve +$ Men's Sleeveless +$ Men's Tall +$ Hoodie +$ Women's Regular +$ Women's Regular Tank +$ Women's Babydoll +$ Women's Longsleeve +$ Pocket Tee.
  7. You Ain't Right Lyrics: I wash the dishes and the dog / Feed the fishes and the hog / Rub your feet, change your sheets / Cook you something good to eat / Put the bacon in the beans / Made the chicken.
  8. A consolation for: when something bad happens that affects you or others; when something terribly wrong occurs when it wasn't supposed to.
  9. Ooh hoo you ain't right Ooh hoo sick and tired Yeah yeah yeah yeah The doctor said he'd give me something And I'd be alright I still feel queezy, feel uneasy No more drugs for me Friendships I cherish oh Let very few in the circle I said These walls I don't let down Not very easily Some friends you grow old with And they'll be there 'til the.

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