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Fun In The Sun (A) - Curtis Schwartz - Life & Leisure (CD)

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  1. Summertime is sunny time, so why not learn more about the most amazing star that makes summer possible? Woodward the Astronaut Mascot launches his summer solar system get away with a fly by cruise past our sun to help young readers understand the sun’s composition, the meaning of solar flares and why those unusual dark spots mysteriously appear, grow and disappear on the face of the sun.
  2. When the hot sun is up in the sky, you can just feel like bursting with energy, don't you agree? Well, this model girl,too, is crazy about the hot weather and is ready to impress you with her chic, cheerful summer outfits she loves to wear when outside the weather is gorgeous and sunny. Check them out playing the fun in the sun dress up game!
  3. That’s one of my goals in life. When he turned the 49er Camp over to me 10 years ago, it was the biggest honor I’ve ever had in my life.” The camp, originally called 49er Youth Fitness Camp, has grown from the original participants in one six-week session to a pair .
  4. Fun in the Sun has a Private, Outdoor Swimming Pool and Hot Tub. This property is a Luxury Rental!* This is a family rental property that is located in a quiet, residential community. No groups or house parties allowed. Adherence to maximum occupancy, parking .
  5. Fun in the Sun If you have too much fun in the sun, you might get sunburned! Color this summer scene with your child, and teach him about the importance of sunblock.
  6. STOP!!! If you are the type of person who Enjoys the Great Outdoors, such as, all types of Water Sports, Off Roading, Gold Prospecting, Exploring Old Abando.
  7. Writer: Norman Brown; Ballard T. Edwards, Jr. Performer: The Three Suns; Artie Dunn and The Sun Maids Vocal refrain. Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record. They are mil truncated eliptical, mil truncated conical, .
  8. They should just do open dining, that way when you are ready to eat you can go, and not have to sit with the same people all the time,. People: I am.

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